Theresa Heffernan 1980 MGB

In 2014, I set out to look for a "fun" car to play with in my early retirement. My husband and I found what we thought was the perfect car. It took me back to great memories of my husband's time in the USAF, where he had a service buddy, who would take me for rides in his MG - a 1980 MGB. After driving around in it for the summer, I decided it was worth fixing up. The seats were ripped and rug was put in wrong and non-existent in the trunk, so I purchased new seat coverings and rungs from Victoria British. My husband and I took everything to Scott & Al at ACS Racing in Hanover, MA. Our brother-in-law, Peter, had vouched for their work. Scott and Al were thrilled to get an MG to bring back to its original life. Lo and behold, my husband was not as good at "discovery" as we thought. Major rust was found in the door jams, floor boards, and center frame rail as the car was being stripped down to put on the new seat covers and rugs. My husband and I were asked to make a trip to the shop to make the decision on whether to fix it or JUNK it. As you can see from the photos, I convinced my husband that we may never find another MG and that we should fix it. I now have a beautiful refurbished, safe vehicle that I am having the time of my life driving! A world of thanks goes out to Victoria British for having all the parts that were needed and to two great mechanics, Scott & Al!