John Land 1978 MG Midget


I bought my MG Midget last October in 2015. I drove it home and thought I would make a couple of cosmetic repairs. I started and I took more parts off than what I had planned on.

I completely stripped the car of all its parts: doors, windows, trunk lid, hood, windshield, seats, bumpers, all lights and trim. I sanded, cut out bad areas, & welded in new parts. 

After five months of work, I sent it to my local body shop for a Brookland Green paint job. I have spent the last three months putting all the parts back together. I'm close to having it go back to my local body shop for a good once over and a buff job & polish. 

Thanks goes to Victoria British LTD. for having a great catalog, and the great fitting parts.

This is the first MG I have ever worked on. I have enjoyed it very much. I have always wanted one, and now I'm a proud owner of a completely refurbished MG. I will post photos after I get it back from the polish job.

-John Land