Steve Brennan 1979 Midget

I grew up in Pontiac, Michigan. My father was a GM employee for almost 30 years working at Pontiac Motors. This meant not only was I born a car guy, but I also was all about muscle cars, hot rods and never really took the small British sports car seriously. I have had many cars in my 35 years of driving and now have a son who works for one of top European Performance companies in the world. So as I visited his shop I became more and more familiar with the high-end European cars such as Ferrari, Mercedes, Audi, and many more. This interest started my search for my first European Sports Car. Well, my search was short. I couldn't justify a Porsche or Ferrari price to be an occasional driver, plus my wife thought I would kill myself. So I employed my son to keep an eye open for an inexpensively priced two-seater. He came up with the idea of finding a classic and working on it together, and as luck would have it we found one. A 1979 MG MIDGET all original car living in our new hometown of Houston Texas. With just slightly over 11k miles it will be great fun turning it back to its glory days. Just in the little we have test-drove the car; we love it! My daughter wants it already.