Quinton Bradley 1967 Midget

I was over at a friend’s house one night drinking a few micro-brews and decided to head home. Once I got home, the logical thing to do was to get on eBay and start bidding on anything without a top for under $1,000. There are a couple of big problems with this logic. Bidding on cars after drinking never results in a good outcome. Second, it should never be your first time bidding online...for anything. I set an automatic rebid (unknowingly, of course) and believe it or not I won the bid. The guy I bought it from was kind enough to give me some relief on the cost. He saw the look on my wife’s face after having to drive 10 hours to pick it up. The cost of transportation was twice what I paid for the car. 6 years later, I am on the homestretch to getting it complete. It has turned into a Cafe' Roadster of sorts. Have a look!