Raymond McGavigan 1972 Midget

I guess I must have Castrol "R" in my blood since birth! Why does one kid get goosebumps at the sound of a high-performance British Leyland 'A' series or a Lotus Twin Cam, yet another kid can't tell the difference?

I guess growing up in Northern Ireland had a great influence in my developing a love for high-revving 4 cylinder engines and an MG Midget was always included on my ideal wish-list of cars. Last year I realized one dream.... the orange "Midge" in the pictures followed me home!! Well, I did bring it home on a trailer! It has never been restored and never had any rust. The previous owner, Bernie, was able to trace its history back to when it was first purchased in Victoria, BC. Bernie spent some years disassembling the car and scraping off the original undercoat, which he did with a dental pick, getting well into the body seams! Unfortunately, Bernie had a stroke and couldn't finish the car. This was the kind of project I was looking for, having spent a lot of time and a heap of money on restoring a '74 MGB, which has also been featured on "British Sportscar Life" and on the front cover of a Victoria British catalog. 

Some weeks after I brought the Midget home, I got an email from Bernie stating that he had found a brand new set of Minilite replica wheels for the Midget, still in the boxes, which he had bought for the car back in 2007 and had forgotten about, and would I like to have them? He had no idea that the Midget of my teenage dreams also wore Minilites!

I'm delighted to report that my little granddaughter shares my enthusiasm for the Midget but can't understand why Grampa won't take it out in the rain!