Ron Buy 1967 MGB-GT

It all began in March of 1967, while I was serving in the Army with NATO in Paris. I purchased my new 1967 blue MGB-GT. I was able to travel extensively to 12 European countries, clocking some 15,000 km on the car. 

When I was discharged I had the car shipped from Bremerhaven, Germany to Port Elizabeth, New Jersey. From there I went north to Quebec and Ontario, Canada, then back to the U.S. at Niagara Falls. After reentering the U.S., I drove all the way to the Pacific Northwest and Washington State. The MGB-GT & I arrived in Washington in August of 1968.

I married in June the following year and the GT went with us on our honeymoon. Go forward three years and my wife was expecting our first child which meant the car had to go. I sold it to a local young man who drove it for eight years, then parked it behind a building to rust away. 

Now go forward 34 years to 2006, when I was able to buy it back for one dollar.

Thanks to Victoria British and 700 hours of work, it is now back to its original condition and owner! It now has 68,000 km on the odometer. It has all matching serial numbers and I have my original owners' manual and warranty book still in the glove box.

I have been busy adding to my collection. My next complete restoration will be my 1952 MG-TD. I surely want to thank Victoria British for the years of good service and quality products.

-Ron Buys