Wayne Gallant 1978 Midget

I bought this 1978 MG Midget on a warm summer day. I was kind of bummed that I had to sell my old 1954 Chevy 210 that I totally rebuilt. I bought that old Chevy for $1,000 many moons ago. After much money and time she was rebuilt with a 350/350 tranny and a Camaro rear end. I bought a front clip from a salvage yard that was a 1970 Chevy nova. I had power steering and power brakes. I think I paid $150 for it. The Camaro rear end was also $150 dollars. 

After driving it for many years in black primer, I decided she needed some paint. She was painted a 2-tone yellow and ivory. When gasoline hit the $4 mark I could not afford to run her like she should be, so I sold her to a local trade school so they can really get it looking better than I could.

That's when I saw Abby. She was in a field top down looking stunning. The sun was shining down and I had to stop and take a peek.

As I walked up to her, I was like “What a beauty.” I never thought of MGs before as being in my price range. As fate would have it, the owners threw me the keys and said take her for a spin. I took it slow for a bit then stopped at the next stop sign, put it in first, chirp, 2nd gear, chirrrppp…  I said to myself, “Wow, she is quite peppy.” I drove her back to the owners and we hammered out the price.

She needs a few things here and there but she’s mostly stock. I did add a few parts from Victoria British: Monza 4 tip exhaust, black leather steering wheel and miscellaneous parts here and there. All in all, she runs and drives like a dream Safety Fast...