Connie Smeriglio 1980 TR7

I have always loved quirky little cars. Ever since I was a little girl growing up in Carlisle, PA surrounded by muscle cars, I have loved the little British cars. Sprites, Spitfires, MGs and my favorite was the Triumph TR7. Over the years I was never able to buy one until recently. Randomly, I did a search on them to see what they were selling for and I stumbled across this little green lovely. It had been garage kept since 1983. Driven often but had recently been left to sit for a few months. Something told me I had to have it. A couple weeks later it was delivered to my house and tucked into the garage. I found a local garage willing to work on it and thanks to Victoria British; they were able to get the parts needed to put it back on the road. It still has a long way to go to be brought back new, but I can enjoy it along the journey now. It may only be a stock TR7, I have been made fun of for buying it, questioned why I didn’t get "something else" but when I look at it, I smile and my heart skips a beat.