Brian Holland 1979 Midget

About 13 years ago, my brother and I pooled our money and paid $600 to push this baby off of a car lot and onto a trailer. We were eager to get it home and begin what would end up being a life-long family project. The MG was a sad sight back then - the interior was worn and cracked from the sun. The wheels were old and mismatched. The original British Racing Green paint had been covered by a dirty rattle-can job. There had been an obvious engine fire at some point, and I could go on and on! 

Over the years we;ve given her a complete engine rebuild, added a Weber carbuerator and intake, Monza header and exhaust, new transmission and rear end, wheels/tires, interior kit and one heck of a paint job.

Almost all of the parts for this wonderful little roadster where purchased from Victoria British, and everything has held up great. She's been a fun little summer cruiser.

My brother unexpectedly passed away 3 years ago, but his 10-year-old son has very eagerly volunteered to take his dad's place in the lifelong build that is our 1979 MG Midget.

Every spring when I get this car out from its winter slumber, I'm reminded of the great times that my brother and i have had. Every summer I receive offers from people who want to buy my MG, but like I tell my little nephew, this car is staying in the family forever.