Joe Carroll 1972 MGB

I have owned seven British cars. I enjoy working to restore the cars in my various garages from New Hampshire, Memphis, TN, and Olathe, KS. I read service manuals on flights in and out of Boston's Logan airport in the 1980s. I also use trained British car professionals to help with major complicated upgrades and repairs.

My original goal was to own a TR, MG, Austin, Jag, Sunbeam and Morgan. I have yet to complete my collection. I bought this MGB in Pennsylvania over two years ago, and it was barely running. I rebuilt most of the key systems including carbs, transmission and engine with a cast aluminum head addition and electronic system. I added a new clutch, all-new black seat upholstery and the 1980 MGB-LE wheels with new Michelin rubber.

The car now has 678 miles on the rebuild, and it runs like it came off the assembly line in 1972.