Chip Kigar 1980 Spitfire

I purchased my 1980 Spitfire entirely on impulse from an eBay listing around 2003.  It was a New Mexico sale, so it was rust-free and came complete with a hole in the block from a thrown rod.  My coworker egged me on, even offering to lend me the $900 dollars the car was listed for.  Neither one of us expected that I would win the auction, which I did after boosting my limit to $1154.  Surprise, you have WON! I called my wife Pam with the unexpected news and her only words were “Can you work on it?”

I went to Sears the next day and put a tool set on layaway and worked with the seller to arrange delivery.  He had a spare block, and we arranged a transplant for some additional cash.  Several weeks later, a blue Spit with a ratty interior was unloaded at my house.  The horn was wired up with orange extension cord and I learned the term DPO – dreaded previous owner(s).  I stripped the body and interior, sanded and prepped and sprung for a paint job for the red sports car every middle age guy deserves. I became a member of The Kansas City Triumphs Sports Car Club and began a period of learning what it takes to “Keep ‘em on the Road.”

There hasn’t been a part of the car that I haven’t had in parts, but it has been a tremendous amount of fun.  Cruising down a winding road, clicking the overdrive switch while feeling the breeze has been a great experience.  Being involved with the local club has led to many adventures and great experiences.