Joe Hallauer 1967 3000

Just home from the Navy I went looking for a new 1968 Healey. The dealer told me ’67 was the end of the Big Healeys.  So I was driving a Sunbeam, my first British car, for less than a year when I spotted a Big Healey on a car lot along Troost Avenue in Kansas City. I traded in my Sunbeam for the 1967 3000 Mark III and the love affair lasted.

I want to express special thanks for the decades of support received from Long Motors. I knew Leo Long when he first started in the business on 18th street and was privileged to call him a friend. I would also like to thank the members of the Austin Healey Club of Kansas City and expert engine work from Curtis Farley at Farley Engines. All in all, the best part of owning a Healey remains the people I raced and worked with and count as friends still today.