Mark McCracken 1975 TR6

    Back in 1968 I bought my first British car, a 1962 Sprite. Over the next 10 years I went though two MGBs and a Lotus Super 7.  I wandered away from British cars for the next 37 years, but always maintained a fondness for them. 

After parting with my Model A Ford, I found myself with an empty garage space. I started scanning the web looking for an entertaining replacement.  This TR6 showed up on eBay and it was local. I went to look it over on Saturday and drove it home on Monday.

    This TR6 appears to be basically a maintained survivor with a re-spray of the original color, I'm thinking over 10 years ago, and likely some other refurbishing.

    We have had a good three years now with our only major disagreements being between my shins and the TR6’s bumper overriders. Our driving is mostly short runs locally, or mental therapy, as I call them. They occasionally result in brief conversations with strangers who had or have a British car at home. I'm trying to keep this TR6 as a good presentable driver for my own enjoyment.

    Thanks for giving me your time and enjoy your Triumph. Who knows, maybe we'll meet sometime.