John Beck 1968 GT6

My older brother bought the car in 1972 and drove it throughout high school having far too much fun and eventually being banned from parking it on campus due to his antics. I then proposed at 13 years old to work a full summer for him clearing timber/brush to take the title. Once 16, I got it back on the road and then drove it to Sarasota, Florida (3,000 miles in 1 month) and back. In retrospect, kind of crazy but it performed well for being off the road for 3 years. Drove it all through college in snowy NW Pennsylvania and again, really no major problems. In fact, the rear hatch made an excellent space to transport large beer kegs to and from our parties. At one time, we had 7 people in that car for rides home, insane! Fast forward to 1990, got married and stored it in my mother in laws barn for the next 20 years until my oldest son said let’s get in on the road. I want to drive a stick! I cautiously said yes and the next 8 years has been exciting and at times frustrating to say the least. Would not change it for the world as the car is just chock full of so many memories.