Rick & Kathy Marquis 1979 MGB

 For 39 years, One Family's Car

When a third grade school teacher marries a U. S. Navy carrier pilot, you know there had to be some bumping and grinding. Come on, it is what it is. During our first year of marriage my wife told me, if I was ever going to get a sports car, I had better do it before I got too old. So, in 1979 I bought our 1979 MGB, 39 years ago to make the math easy. She said many times as the years passed she did not think I would keep it this long. And that folks, brings me to her favorite comment perpetuated by this car. As we have one son, she is fond of telling me, “It is not fair you had only one child in the family to deal with while I had two.” Obviously, one of those husband / wife things you read so much about. It also explains why I put a “Matchbox” toy car sticker on the roll-bar.

So, the important part of this story. Our favorite picture of the car came about when I talked her dad into putting on my Vietnam era flight jacket and aviator sunglasses for a picture. You see, I had tremendous respect for the gentleman for this reason. He fought in WWII, Korea and Vietnam, earning Purple Hearts in the first two of those wars. A true hero who stood his ground, and was there for his country when we needed him.

I will close with a picture of our son's Golden Retrievers. They do love to ride in this car with the top down. Seems pretty close to “Dog Heaven” for them. So, who still thinks an MGB is too small to be a “family car?”