Bruce Miller 1961 MGA

The car and original Iris Blue color I’ve wanted since I was 10 years old.  There was a trailer ride from upstate NY to MO for a frame-off restoration requiring a “big bunch” of new metal to the hidden areas. It was tons of work, but diligence and patience made the dream come true.  

What a chick magnet! I’m rewarded most every drive with thumbs up and turned heads, at least until girls see a 60+ guy driving.  There is no better ride on a curvy, treed back highway with the top down, deep throat of the exhaust rumbling, in and out of the shade with shorts because of the heat and barefoot because your feet with shoes are too big to accelerate without hitting the brake pedal…exhilarating!  Got to love the “A”.  Why “The Fonz?” It’s an MG “Eeyyy.”