Tom Berry 1960 MGA

2015_12_05_Berry MG_061 (1).JPG

In the late '50s and early ‘60s I was a mechanic on sports cars here in the Kansas City area. I worked on a lot of cars that the local SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) guys were racing at that time. I worked for Gene Nicholson and Bruce Hoskins at Foreign Car Maintenance at 18th and Baltimore. Later I worked for Bill Riggs at Plaza Mobil Service, a service station at 50th and Main just south of the Plaza, that catered to foreign sports cars. I owned and drove an MGA back then. 
I also worked as pit mechanic and towed cars to the races for E. Tom Newcomer. That was quite an experience, and I learned a lot about both cars and life from Tom Newcomer and Bill Riggs.

Tom raced a Mk. 11 and later a Mk. 12 Lotus. Bill was racing a Mk. 12 Lotus when I worked for him and I helped with that car also. Bill later raced several other cars and still had his Triumph TR3 when he passed away in 2015. Tom newcomer eventually sold his Lotus racing equipment to Don Clay who also ran a BMC Formula Jr. Don was killed racing that Formula Jr. at Lawrenceville, IL. In 1963. Shortly after that I enlisted in the U.S. Navy and served as a Torpedoman and Diver aboard the attack submarine USS Permit. 

I did not have much more to do with sports cars until September of 2012 when, on a whim, I bought an old beat-up ’58 MGA Roadster much like the one I had had years earlier. I was hooked once again. I got it into shape and took second place with it in some local shows. 

In December of 2014 I sold the ’58 Roadster and found a ’60 Coupe in FL. On Christmas Day of 2014 I left with a trailer for Brooksville, FL to buy the ’60 MGA Coupe. Since my return to Kansas City I have been working to get it road-ready and ready to show. I plan to attend shows with it this summer.