Glenn Wellington 1973 MGB

I was living in San Francisco when I bought my 1973 MGB the day after I retired in February, 2004. The girl's father had bought if from the original owner and restored it in 1995 for her birthday. In the nine years that she owned it, she had only put some 9000 miles on it, most of the time it was in her garage. When I bought the car, who's official name is Irene but, I call her "Babe", she had 78,000 miles on the odometer and still was physically and mechanical fit. I had been considering buying a GT but, the moment I laid eyes on her, it was love at first site. The following month, March I packed my suitcase, filled Irene's tank with Super and said goodbye to San Francisco and we hit the road. We spent twenty months traveling the back roads of America. We were on a quest to visit as many towns named Wellington as we could find, that being my last name. We found quite a few in our travels through Northern California, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas and finally we ended up in San Angelo, Texas in 2006. Irene had made the trip without a bit of fuss of any kind but, in Texas she required a new clutch. By then I figured it best to return to the west coast. We ended up in Eugene, Oregon where we are now. I drive Irene everyday and have since I bought her. She still is good enough to catch the eye and compliments of passerby's. I've got a real fine mechanic who tends to her mechanical needs , a British car owner himself as I am getting on in years.