Jonathan Chiles 1969 GT6

I bought my GT6 out of a junkyard in Fountain Inn, SC, as an 18th birthday present to myself. Even though it was a pile of rust and would take a lot of work, I knew I had to have it. I am now 22 and a Mechanical Engineering major at Clemson University. Being a broke high school/college student, all the money I could scrape together went towards the car. This also forced me to learn how to do all the work myself rather than paying someone else.

The first few years I probably spent more time on the side of the road with the car than actually driving it. I would just drive until it broke down and that's how I would know what needed to be fixed.

Through four years, I learned many new skills, with the help of a few mentors, to complete this restoration: brake/fuel lines, engine tuning, rebuilding basic components, transmission rebuild, electrical, cooling, woodworking (dash) and also body prep and paint. I painted the car myself in my parent's garage one weekend when they went out of town. I converted the entire garage into a paint booth, painted and cleaned up all before they got back from vacation.

I now drive my GT6 to class at Clemson almost every day. I have a reliable Tacoma that will sit for weeks at a time because I choose to drive my Triumph every chance I get. I bought almost all my parts from Victoria British, which has made this entire process much easier. From being so close to the ground to feeling the torque of the straight six, driving this car is all around very enjoyable.