Ron McCann 1971 MGB

I have had many "B's" in my adult life time.

Fresh out of school in the mid 60's, I got my first. It was a very pretty Tartan Red 64. Love at first sight. I drove it as an every day car and not before to long it was a rusty basket case. 
I then purchased from my uncle his 67 BRG beauty. I again drove it daily until I found out there was not room in it for my golf clubs, and my new wife.

In 1995 I found a Glacier White 74 1/2. This was my first project, and it turned out wonderfully. It is still in its own place in my garage today. 
I by chance in 2006 found a Chartreuse 77. The engine crank needed work, and there were a few random rust holes in the floors and trunk. I replaced the metal work successfully. As this was my first chance to work on the mechanics of a "B", I replaced the Engine, Swivel Axles, and added an overdrive transmission.

The latest find and project that is in my garage today, sitting beside the white 74 1/2. It is a Flame Red 71. It needs a lot of my time as it has been sitting idle in an elderly gentlemen's garage for the past 10 years. The Engine turns over, the carbs moving parts are fused, the fuel smells like it came from a rendering factory, the wheels refused to turn. I hope to have a lovely red "B" on the road by spring

There was also a Maroon 67. Sadly it was too far gone to restore, but the engine was used in the 77, making it a very happy driver.