Mike Fox 1976 TR6

In early 1976, while I was in college, a friend asked me to ride with him to the car dealership to pick up his new car. He wanted me to follow him in his original car back to his home. His new car was a 1976 TR6. At that time I didn't even own one car much less two. 

As I followed him home, driving his old Jeep, I dreamed of someday owning my own TR6. 

A couple of times in the early ’80s I almost bought my first TR6. However, a new family, job relocations and other priorities kept me from buying the right one.

In 1988, my 5-year-old son and I went and looked at a 1976 TR6 with 56,000 miles. I purchased the car and began tinkering with it. It ran well and fit beautifully in the garage next to the family cars. It has stayed with me nearly 30 years. It now has about 67,000 miles and always fires right up for a weekend drive. 

Over those 30 years, many cars have come and gone but we have always reserved a place in our garage for the TR6. Even in those busy seasons when she doesn't get out much, she is still very loyal and always ready for a drive.