Rick Dyer 1979 MGB

As we are getting close to retirement, I wanted something that both my wife and I could enjoy. A friend of mine at work purchased a British car. I thought that sounded fun and I enjoy tinkering. With monthly meetings, socializing and events, this sounded like something I wanted to be involved with and a great way to meet new friends.

I searched a long time for the right car and found a 1979 MGB that had just undergone a full two-year nuts-and-bolts restoration by a local person in our MG Club of Kansas City.

The car was originally white, later painted red and was finally put back to its original color with a clear coat finish. Every part was sandblasted, primed and painted to factory specs.

Everything on the car has been rebuilt or replaced and I have spent the past two years putting on the final touches.

I plan to retire soon and will be looking forward to attending lots of the local MGB club events.

Recently, this car came in 1st in class at an all-British car show.

I can’t say enough about Victoria British. Most of the parts to restore this car have come from there. The people at the counter are friendly, knowledgeable and always willing to give me some extra attention when I have questions about my car, and they stand behind their products.

We have attended a few MG car club events and we plan to attend a lot more once I retire. Great people, great cars and always helpful advice if you need it.

A few things I have learned while owning a vintage car:

Personal property taxes are very cheap. Insurance is a bargain. Cars seem to hold and gain value. They actually get pretty good mpgs. They’re fun to drive and not so complicated that you can’t work on them.