Bruce Miller 1968 TR250

Triumph TR-250 -  CD1649L.  “Traymont”

I have always been an MG guy, with my first Midget at 19 years old.  At 62, I decided it was time to add a 6 cylinder tractor engine to the collection while completing an MGB restoration.  A road trip to St. Louis netted test drives in a Healey 3000, MGC GT and the TR250 in a single day.  I wasn’t at all comfortable in the Healey, so-so about the MGC and wasn’t much impressed with the TR color on first look.  But each walk past the 250 while perusing other cars cemented the Valencia Blue as one of my favorite LBC colors.  The test-drive and exhaust tone were awesome!  Results: a new favorite car with plenty of pep.  In addition to all the thumbs-ups and impromptu chats about the car wherever it goes, the highlight of ownership has to be the unrestricted laps at Lake Garnett track prior to the smoke-filled finale when the old heater valve started leaking water onto the engine. Victoria British to the rescue with parts. Again.