Gary Kinney 1980 TR8

This is a 1980 Triumph TR8 Coupe that I recently purchased from a good friend, John Sanders, who is very familiar with this popular Triumph and its restoration. A very limited number of coupe models were produced, roughly 400 from 1978 to 1980. The first 150 or so were fitted with automatic transmissions as pre-production models. These "anonymous" TR8s (no identifying badges, and all coupes) were evaluated for British Leyland by various dealers and then sold off as used cars. The remaining 250 produced between 1979 and 1980 were held back for distribution to the North American market. All were fitted with a 3.528cc (3.5L) V8, 5-speed gearbox and recognized as the “English Corvette.”

This TR8 is completely restored using many Victoria British parts, most recently the VTO Alloy Wheels. Finished in Tungsten Gray single stage with a red and black interior, it’s a very attractive combination. The engine is mildly reconditioned with an MSD dual ignition system, oversized cooling and fans, Edelbrock carburetor with K&N filters, tube air intakes and Ansa exhaust. At just over 2600lb and about 145hp, it performs very well.

Being a Triumph owner (I have five), the TR8 is by far a driver’s dream for the afternoon cruise or the road trip. Starting a TR8 and hearing the throaty V8 come to life is an exciting experience every time the key turns over. I will always enjoy my collection and am very happy to have this new member in the garage.

Many thanks to photographer and friend Don Tate for the excellent pictures and Victoria British for the opportunity to show my TR8.