Tracy Christiansen 1973 Spitfire

My first car when I was 16 years old was a 1976 MGB. Now that I am in my late 30s, I wanted that “fun” car again. But maybe this time with less electrical problems. I searched and searched. Finally, I came across a blue 1973 Spitfire, located in what was my husband’s college town in Delaware.

During this search, my mom passed away from cancer; she knew how much I really enjoyed old cars. My father had an extensive collection of cars, so I basically grew up around them my entire childhood. After my mom passed away, I decided to buy myself the “fun” car again. Every time I drive it, there are no worries, just open air and, on clear nights, the skies full of stars. I know my mom would be happy for me, as she was when she would drive my dad’s old cars, too.