Rod MacLean 1963 3000

A full frame-off restoration was performed on this Austin Healey 3000 BJ7 over a 12-year period.  The biggest (and hardest) decision to make on any restoration is whether to fully restore the car to its original factory condition or deviate and rebuild it the way you want the car to look.  I chose to restore the car the way I wanted it to be.  You can see that in the paint color and wheels which are both not correct for the car.  Once you make that decision, many of the other choices, such as upholstery, seats, carpeting and all can be made more easily. 

So 12-½  years after pushing the car (rust bucket) into my garage, the car was backed out my garage, the engine started (with fire extinguisher handy) and then driven around the block! 

I have always heard how difficult these restoration projects can be.  When you talk with the professional restorers, they all ask you; “Are you sure you want to do this?”  After many doubtful moments through the years, I can say yes, I completed the job!