Jack & Susan Berkowitz 1977 MGB

While checking out a swap meet, I saw a Midget for sale, in pretty bad condition.  I wondered if purchasing it and listing our son, Blake, as the primary driver would save on his car insurance.

The next week, while having lunch with a co-worker we discussed the swap meet find. He said his dad had an MGB in much better condition that he thought he would be willing to part with for about the same price. We went to look at it and ended up driving it home. Prior to the purchase, I knew that the plan to lower the insurance cost wasn’t going to work, but we thought it would be a great father/son project and would provide a safer alternative to his motorcycle that was totaled many years ago.

The seats and convertible top were worn, so we replaced the top and added MG seat covers to make it ours. The engine ran well, but after a tune-up it had more “get up and go.” It still needs new rocker panels, some minor body work and a fresh coat of paint. Someday it will have a new Suffolk interior.

My son calls it his car and often drove it to high school and soccer practice. It was very different from the other cars in the lot. But everyone thought the MG was really cool. He taught many kids how to drive a manual transmission in this B. It even got a mention at the soccer awards dinner.

The first trip we made with the B was caravanning down to Arkansas with the Minnesota Triumph Club for an All British Meet. I followed in my SUV, loaded with marketing materials for the show. I had a hitch put on the SUV, just in case…but the B made it home without a problem.

The father/son project never came to be, as our son was off to college before we knew it. But the B hasn’t needed much and everyone enjoys riding in the B. Even with its imperfections we still get many positive comments, smiles, thumbs-up and waves along the way.