Larry McDonald 1979 TR7

I had a red 1969 TR6 as a freshman in junior college in 1974-75. It was in pretty poor condition, but when it ran, it was a blast to drive. I sold it before moving 900 miles away to a four-year school to finish my education. Over the years I owned an MG Midget and a Mazda Miata. Neither car adequately filled the void. I got the itch again for a Triumph in the summer of 2016.

I found my TR7 on Craigslist in Green Bay, WI. I looked at the photos, spoke to the owner and decided to take a leap of faith. I flew to Green Bay In July, met the owner and her husband at the airport and paid cash, signed paperwork and headed back to Comfort, TX. I was so excited I made the 1300-mile trip in less than 30 hours with no sleep. (I did experience several delays due to vapor locks and attempts at getting in a few winks.)

 After my return home I discovered the jack didn't work! God was with me! Driving and working on my car has been a real joy. Victoria British has been my primary source for parts. Thank you!