Rob Roy 1967 Tiger

This 1967 Mark ll Tiger was found after 15 years of storage in a garage. The owner had passed away and his wife refused to sell it. Unfortunately her failing health and doctor bills forced its sale.

When I found it the rear wheels were locked up and the engine had not been turned over in the 15 years it was stored. Mold was growing in the carpets. All of the fluids were replaced and the braking system was completely gone through. New carpets were required. The engine was turned over by hand to ensure it was free.
The first time it was cranked over it fired up and ran. After a few minutes it started running smoothly and has been ever since. It runs and drives very well. It has been painted once but the color was unchanged original. The odometer shows 27,027 but is not verifiable.

I got hooked on Tigers in 1966 while in the service in San Diego, CA. It wasn't until 1989 that would acquire my first one. I am fortunate enough to own four of them - three were restored by my sons and me. The Mark ll didn't require a full restoration. With a little TLC the car came back to its former glory.