Clayton Bryant 1970 MGB

I found our 1970 MGB on craigslist from a Guy and his Wife that had it for over 40 years. It was in storage for around 17 years because he was told the engine was bad. He had more money in the new top, seats, door cards, carpet , floor repair and much more than I paid for the car.
With very little work, I got it running, did brakes, master and clutch cylinders, sandblasted and painted the wheels, and more.
The head had a crack so changed it out with an old rebuild one with new hard valves and seats.
It has been a fun little car and with 81,000 miles it just started a little knock, so right now I am installing a new oil pump, rod and main bearings.
I like the old patina and have no plans on painting it.
It has been Red for most of it's live, was mustard color for only a year or so.
This is my Wife's car, but she tells every it is mine because I work on and drive the most.