Matthew Gill 1973 GT6

One afternoon a friend of mine brought his Spitfire over to have some work done - I knew then (at the age of 14) I wanted a Triumph after seeing his. I mentioned to my Father about getting one and right away said "No", most likely because we were fixing the new crack in the frame of my friend's car that day. Two years later and plenty of arguing I was on my way down to New Jersey to pick up my GT6 mk3 on an old Craigslist ad. My Father was surprised when we arrived to find the sports car in better condition than imagined and I was more excited than ever. After returning home - I went straight to work. From shag carpet to mice and frayed wire, there were plenty of minor problems to solve but luckily within the month I was driving it to school. I adopted the cologne "Mystic Exhaust" as my sister would put it, due to some clever muffler patching. That fall I was lucky enough to show her off in my home town at the Watkins Glen Vintage race, where she received more attention than she's had in years. When winter came, my father and I took the rusty-red girl apart, down to nothing and put her back together with some new parts from Victoria British. By spring she look better than ever and has brought me excitement and joy everyday since, even with the occasional breakdown.