John Boruff 1976 Midget

I am a car enthusiast. I own 13 total. I like to save older cars from the salvage yard. I was on my way into work one morning, there is a morning trading post on the local radio. The guy said he had a 1976 MG Midget Special. It’s all original with 53,000 miles. Runs and drives great. The price was reasonable so I called and went after work and without hesitation bought it. I’ve had it a couple years now and mostly just cleaned it. I installed a radio, painted the air box and valve cover and waxed it up. Just today I replaced the vinyl top, the rubbers which hold the visors and painted the black along the bottom of the car. In my opinion it’s very nice for its age so I’d rather keep it original. I’ve taken it to some car shows and parades and have a blast driving it. It has never left me stranded and still runs great. My wife drove it for the first time last night and was quite impressed with it. My father was a mechanic for 50+ years. He is now 85 and is very impressed with this car. I have some in much better condition but he always mentions the MG and how well it is built for its age. I keep it garaged and drive it only on nice days and enjoy all of the conversations which get started because of it. And the coolest thing is how many people want me to sell it to them.