Jeff Holzworth 1973 Midget

I got my 1973 MG Midget at the end of summer in 1983. I did not buy it but got it on a trade. My neighbor had the car and it barely ran and I had a Suzuki motorcycle that ran great. I said to him at the beginning of the summer, "would you like to trade" he said "no way.” It was August and he approached me and said "do you still want to trade?” I said yes and we signed over the titles. The car needed quite a bit of work, like the engine rebuilt, interior work, body work and it was orange. So the following summer I bought a lot of parts car, pulled the engine and started rebuilding. Once the engine was done I swapped it out with the engine in my car. I fixed the body and painted it blue in my dad's garage. After college I got married, had two boys and moved from Connecticut to Rochester NY, and then to PA and finally to Delaware. It was a challenge to keep it all this time. The car was not on the top of my wife's list to work on or put money in when there were diapers to buy and kids to transport. Throughout the years, I worked on different areas of the car. It's been fun getting the Victoria British catalog and going through page by page writing up the wish list of the new things I was going to buy and then pairing it down to a few items to tackle for the year. I hope one day I can pass on my midget to one of my boys. The old things do last if we just take care of them.