Jason Dunlop 1972 GT6

Everyone has a story or how they got into restoring cars. Here is mine.

Since I was 14 years old I had seen the Triumph Spitfire's driving around. I had fallen in love with these little cars. At 16 yrs old I had worked in an auto body shop where one of these cars came in for re-spray. After all said and done I got to deliver the Spitfire to the customer and truly loved the drive. It wasn't until many years later in life that I had the opportunity to restore a car, so automatically I was looking for a Spitfire. After taking out a few Spitfire's for a drive I felt that I needed a little more power. I started looking for a Triumph TR6 and stumble upon this Triumph GT6. I never knew Triumph even made a GT6 at the time. This was the perfect marriage of a Spitfire and the extra power of the TR6. I bought it at first sight.

It was a restoration attempt from a previous owner. Enough said there. I had spent another 3 years restoring the car and spending every available minute on it. To the point where my wife and daughter hated the car and called it my mistress. I had gone over every inch of the vehicle and repaired a lot of the body work. I ended up removing the GT6 motor and installed a TR6 motor. I had also used the GT6 head, manifold and installed TR4 175cd carburetors. With some careful shimming and a lot of hours, it all fits under the stock hood. I have a 9.5 compression ratio with about 145hp. I am also running all stock running gear. This little car is a beast and loves to be driven. It gets a lot of attention. Once again my wife isn't too impressed when she is in the car and people are snapping pictures. She is always complaining that her hair wasn't ready. My wife will get out of the car and let people take pictures when she can. She has also come accustom to waiting for the end of the conversation I have with people afterwards. As all older Bristish restorations are; they are never truly finished. I think my wife is correct.....this is my mistress.