Jim Hallmark 1962 TR2B

Driving home to Florida from a trip to visit my Mother-in Law in Tennessee my wife’s cousin's husband (a gear head too) called me and asked me if I still liked Triumph sports cars. My wife looked at me (every guy knows that look) when I said what do you have. He replied that a friend of his was cleaning out his barn and had a TR3. I was really not thinking about restoring another car. I had a TR4 that started it all when I was stationed at Mac Dill AFB in Tampa and after that many Spitfires and TR6 racer, Spit racer and had moved on to Porsches because of my sons. Rebuilding a couple of 914's for them when they were in High School and Spitfire my daughter loved to drive (when it was driveable, ha!). I had passed on another TR3 that was in our neighbor hood in Tampa but I still had the itch. SO I agreed to a good price because he was donating the money to his church's youth program which I liked. He offered to bring the car down so we worked out a deal that if he brought the car down to Florida I'd pay for a nice hotel for him and his family. I rented a work space in Largo near our home on Indian Rocks Beach so I could run over after work or had time to work on it. Boy, I should have thought it over a lot more because instead of car that just a paint job and a little engine work it developed into a full restoration. After checking it out though the car had very little rust and I found out that it had been a California car and the shop that was working on it closed after stripping a lot of the good pars off to sell. I started breaking it down and started to list everything I needed for it and while a lot of parts were available from VB I had to look for the little special parts in England and elsewhere. As I was doing all this our youngest had just moved back to Los Angeles from Singapore and went through a long Divorce with 2 little children. He asked for our help and without thinking about it (he's still our kid no matter what age they are) we rented a U-Haul, trailer and headed out here to Los Angeles 2300 miles (don't ever ask my wife how to spell U-Haul, ha!). Our son has been a service adviser for Beverly Hills Porsche for many years and I told him I would need a place to work on my car. He knew of Lanse's Restoration Shop just a few blocks from where we were going to living. He arrange for us to drop the car and parts off there and Lanse let's me a few other guy's work on our car on Saturdays and lends a hand (actually Marcus, Bruce or Alfredo) when we need it. He has had several British cars in various stages of repair from jag's to Sprites to Aston Martins. After about 4 years of working when I can, I am about 85% done. The paint looks great, engine rebuilt and suspension done. That was the easy part. Now trying to get everything to fit just right is what takes so long. I have some of the carpet in and will be working it for a while I think. Anyway,I made some good friends there like Tom with a 914, Gary with his Morgan and other folks that make working on Saturday a good time.