Jim Macino 1962 TR4

This is a story about a young kid and a car. I did some work for a man some 40+ years ago. After I had completed the work, he told me he couldn't pay me, and offered me an old Triumph that had been stored (poorly) in a barn. So to not get completely left with nothing I took the car. The car then sat out in the open weather for another 10 years. My youngest son when he was about 14 took interest in the car and asked if he could sand off the rust, and work on the car. I told him if he helped add a shop on to our barn, we would have a place to put it where it would be out of the weather. A year later, we had finished 'the shop'. We pushed the Triumph into the shop. We looked at the damage that the weather had caused over the years. It was severe. 

But, my son was determined to work on the car. He worked 2 summers in a bookstore to get enough money to buy the sheetmetal that he could, and we picked up a couple of rear fenders that were less rusted than ours in the next State over. During this time we enrolled in an evening class at the local vocational school and I signed a waiver for him to attend a body and fender class. Work progressed slowly but steady as we sorted out all the problems we encountered. Bad radiator, bad suspension parts, bad hydraulics, bad engine, bad transmission. You name it, it was probably bad. In the mean time, while getting a full scholarship for his academic ability we worked on the Triumph. When it came to going to his High School Prom, he surprised his date with a ride to the Prom in a 'rust free' 1962 Triumph TR4. Needless to say, the envy of the High School class, and the son of one proud Dad. 
That was almost 20 years ago, and he still has the Triumph, and it looks as good now as it did, when the work was completed.