Jim Sipos 1960 TR3A

One holiday season about ten years ago my family was sitting around looking at old family photos and my son ran across a photo of me in the first car I ever owned, a 1959 Triumph TR3A. He then proceeded to ask me all about it, color, since the photo was black and white, options and the like. I did not think any more of it. 
At the time I had been working for my son helping him get a new business started. Several years earlier, since my work background was maintenance management in small factories , he had asked me to come help him with his business. He had purchased an old factory building that sat vacant for about fifteen years. So I spent two and a half years with him getting the facility cleaned, repaired and up to code before I retired for the second time. My wife also worked for him in the accounting department as she had experience there. After we retired from working with him we would stop in at the plant to visit some of the freinds we had made there and one day our son said he wanted to show me somthing back in my old maintenance garage. When we opened the door there was what appeared to be my old TR3A. It was powder blue just as my original car was with blue interior and white canvas. He said it was his father’s day gift for me. I was flabergasted. He told me to take it out for a drive which I did. It was fabulous. After we looked at the car I checked all the numbers on all the i.d. plates and found that it was in fact a 1960. That did not make a difference to me. 
We have had the car for about twelve years now and we both take turns driving and working on it. We have done extensive mechanical work on it and now begins the body work.
The neatest part of the story nowthough is that my grandson who will get his driver’s license in July wants to be able to drive the TR. Eventhough my so has quite a stable of cars, 2005 Ford GT, 1965 Lincoln convertible, a Ferrari 308 and a Ferrari 360 Stradale my grandson thinks the TRis the coolest one of all. We not only have a neat car in the Triumph but I have a neat son and grandson.