John Shelden 1979 TR7

I first saw the TR7 model at the 1976 Detroit auto show with my dad and took a picture with my polaroid sx70 of the yellow coupe on its really cool wedge ramp with a big sign - The shape of things to come - I was just 11 at the time, but had my sights set on this car. It was not until I was in first year of college during the summer when I saw the red convertible cruise past with a for sale sign on it. So I became the 2nd owner of this lovely convertible in 1985. Ah the fond memories of cruising with friends and once with 5 girls sitting on the folded top. WOW ! I guess you could say that it was maybe my fault that cars got big subwoofers as I hooked up a home sub in the trunk and propped up the trunk to let the base out - booming down the road - sorry folks - I had no idea that it would take off to what car audio is today, sheesh! On a drive up to engineering campus, the timing chain broke on the 2.0 litre and got my first reality check of what it would take to rebuild the 2.0, I started searching around for engines and ended up working with Ted of TS Imports in Ohio and Main Street Motors (Ann Arbor, MI) in 1986 to do the rover 3.5 V8 conversion. Since then the car went with me to Colorado in 1987 and then to its current home in Seattle in 1990. In 1991 the red paint went away when I painted it the Vette ZR1 Seafoam Green - then an exclusive color, but soon to be on many cars - sigh. When the transmission began grinding in 1995, I parked it for 20 years until my young son 'discovered' the car covered in the back of the shop and started asking why I was not driving it...he said it looked so cool and wedge shaped (lol)! we started troubleshooting and the transmission was fine as it was just the shifter bushings had worn out. I became excited again and in 2015 wanted get her back on the road again. It is amazing what information I was able to dig up on the internet and it became easier to source parts from many places including VB. In 2017 the old Carol Shelby bbs style 13 inch wheels were updated with some fresh 17 inch Mini Cooper 5 spokes and some sexy thin tires. After lots of refreshing of bushings and an expert alignment, the old shakes and wobbles went away and the thrill of zipping along the winding roads of western Washington returned. Such an awesome fun car to drive! My son will be 16 in July, to bad he won't be driving her any time soon as I am still loving this car after almost 35 years!