Leonard Cooper 1958 Sprite

Bought this 1958 Bugeye in 1976 for $1,000. It had the original 948 cc engine, and this was the start of a lifelong love affair. I have long since upgraded to a 1275 engine, and have rebuilt and repainted her three times. She currently is sporting a bright yellow paint job, which for today's world of angry SUV's and congested highways seems a prudent choice in order to be noticed in the melee of everyday traffic.

This was my only car for many years, commuting to work as well as all the yeoman's duties normally required of a car. She served reliably, requiring of me the level of relationship long since obsolete given the evolution of automotive technology. When something would go awry, I would know what to do, whether it was using a guitar string to replace a broken throttle cable or blowing into the gas tank to squeeze out that last mile when the fuel pump failed.

I have taken her up and down the California coast a few times, not the least of which was to impress my fiance, who slept the whole way. That marriage ended over two decades ago, but I still have the car. 

I do not drive her as much these days, but now when I do, I feel like a celebrity. Somewhere along the line, this humble British car has become a curiosity.