Mike Barron 1973 TR6

Photo one is of our current Triumph. About 33.000 on the clock, it was purchased by a friend some twenty two or so years ago, and subsequently by us about four years later. First repaint occurred two years ago, but the engine, running gear and interior are original and pristine.

Our Triumph story began in 1969 with the purchase of the car shown in picture two, a 1963 TR-3B. My first love affair occurred in 1963, when a friend and I took his father's baby blue TR-3 to the races at Lake Garnett. Had to sell the black one as we had started a family, and moved to the Lake of the Ozarks for work.

We owned one TR-6 down at the lake, shown in picture number five, bought at Harrigan Motors as a gift to my bride after the birth of our second child. It was not good for us, and was sold a few months later in favor of something that would carry two kids and a load of groceries. Helped her out of the baby blues, especially after she got whistled at during a drive.

In the eighties, we had moved back to KC, and found the car in picture three, a 1969 TR-6. Kept it for a few years, and then found a TR-3 in Liberty, MO, in need of a total restoration. I regret that we do not have photos of the original hulk, but it was found rotting in a field in Liberty. Picture number four is taken on the day we sold it, nearly twenty years later, as you can tell from my visage.

Our story is fifty five years long, and punctuated by the ownership of a Triumph of some sort for a great portion of our lives.