Peyton Mahaffey 1980 MGB

I have owned this MGB limited edition since 1980. I drove it for 9 years, and then garaged it for occasional pleasure driving. I have a complete file at home, but my recollection is that the Sept 2002 engine rebuild was right at 100,00-100,500 miles. I can provide all of the exact specifics. As you can see from the pictures, it was a complete rebuild and cleanup of the engine compartment.

In the same year, I also had the car totally repainted at Craftsman Auto Body and Paint Shop in Chantilly VA. I have the LE stripe kit, but left it off because I think the look is cleaner without it. The car has never been wrecked, and has all original frame and exterior panels. The paint and body are excellent.

I drove the car to, and on a whim, entered the Hunt Country Classic British Car Show (held in the fall every year in the Middleburg VA area) in 2002 and won Best in Class. Thereafter, I went two more years with same results. Haven't been to any car shows since, but the car would certainly hold its own in any show of "driver MG's". Pictures of those awards are among the photos I uploaded. The car looks as good today as it did when I bought it, and certainly as good as it did when it was repainted and the engine rebuilt. 

I have a good number of mechanic’s level manuals which will be included along with various and sundry other MG paraphanalia—sort of like a giant goodie box in the trunk.