Ron Sparrow 1965 Sprite

1965 Austin Healy Sprite
In 1997, when I was a teenager I thought it would be fun to purchase a small sports car. There was one for sale in our town; the man was using it as a commuter car for going to work, it was not in the best of shape but with some small repairs to the steering and the installation of a fiberglass front hood assembly, it was ready, almost. My girlfriend’s brother insisted that I install a roll bar, and of course I had to put in a stereo. The stereo was no small feat as the car is positive ground and all of the components are negative ground. Then we painted it blue, from its original British green.
We used the car in the summer for the next four years, then the girlfriend became my wife, there was a house to buy, and the kids appeared. We moved to the country and the car was relegated to the barn, where the children played on it and in it, as only children can.
In 2002, my son and I, started to restore the vehicle, but lost interest, after taking the vehicle apart and storing it in boxes, there it sat for a few more years until 2008 when my father retired and said that he would restore it for me. Taking his time he rebuilt the running gear, rewired it, rebuilt the foot wells, did the brakes, He installed the original hood and fenders on the vehicle, knocked out all the dents that had accumulated over time, and painted it back to the original British racing green.
My wife and I are now back to where we started, driving around in our small sports car, just like we did 40 years ago.