Rory McDonald 1966 Sprite

I was looking for my first vintage sports car but didn't have a lot of cash. Locally there was a Triumph Spitfire I liked but it was $7K which was a bit over my budget.
Then I looked around eBay and found the perfect choice- a 1966 Austin-Healey Sprite, painted with the look of the British Flag. It was in Oregon and I was in SoCal but I fell in love with it immediately and posted just one bid, for $3500.
To my great surprise no one else bid and I won the auction!
I flew one way to Oregon and met the owner, who told me he did the paint job himself. I drove it a bit and everything seemed OK so I paid him and I was on my way back to California. Unfortunately while I was ON the Golden Gate Bridge, the clutch gave out and I had to have it towed to San Francisco, where I found a great place that worked on british cars. They sorted the clutch and a few other items and I was able to return to CA OK.
A few months later I decided to move to Utah, so the little AH got another good workout, this time with no real issues. Once there I did some shopping on Victoria British and bought some items to class up the car and fix a rusty gas tank. I am no mechanic but I was able to replace the gas tank and gas pump pretty easily. Victoria British is great for Healey owners as they have almost every imaginable replacement part for the car, so I could own it with confidence.
I love my little Healey! Thanks Victoria British for the great catalog and service!