Alan Gerstle 1966 Sprite

I found this sad little 1966 Austin Healy Sprite sitting all alone behind a home . Bought it and dragged it home 4 years ago. 
It was a real mess, the prior owner started to work on it but realized he was in way over his head . After I got it home I thought I was over my head also. I made a list of what I thought it might need and ordered them from British Victoria . That was the first list. Got all the items and got at installing them . 
It didn't take long before I had another even longer list . 
What was amazing was the cylinders on the engine were spot on size and had no taper at all. The crank shaft was also spot on and looked like it was new. Everything else, trash . 
I took my time and did a little at a time. I had the cylinder head professionally restored with hard valve seats and all new valves and guides so it would be OK with unleaded fuel. 
It took a year but it was worth it. It is just such a fun car to buzz around in . 
Here are a few photos of the engine and interior of how it looked on arrival and a few of after .