Alan Kleinschmidt 1980 MGB

In the Fall of 2008, I received a call from my wife telling me that there was an MGB for sale in her employer's classified section at work. I had owned MG's earlier in my life and we had discussed possibly looking for another in the near future. This particular MGB was a local car so I gave the owner a ring and went directly to his home to check out the car. The car turned out to be a 1980 MGB LE that had sat parked in his garage since 1991. He explained that the car was just not very "reliable" and he was tired of having it towed home so he just quit using it. He needed it gone to provide room for his new Mazda Miata. I purchased the car for $600 and made arrangements to pick it up the following day with a trailer. She looked pretty rough when we pushed her out of the garage and winched her up on the trailer but I felt pretty confident that I could get her running and driving. In fact, we took a ride later that day after cleaning the points on the fuel pump, installing a new battery and introducing some fresh gas. "Betty" as we affectionately call her, had 40,000 miles showing on the odometer when we brought her home. She now has 135,000 miles on the clock and shows no sign of sowing down. She has visited 26 states and Canada since she came to live with us. She has traveled the entire distance from Illinois to California on old Route 66. She has been from the Atlantic to Pacific coasts and from sea level up to 12,310 feet in the Rockies and has always done what we have asked her to do. Reliable? I think there is no question! This summer she is heading North again as we will circle Lake Superior before dropping down to Traverse City Michigan for NAMGBR's MG 2019. This little MGB is a "keeper" and we continue to enjoy being on the road with "Betty" and I think she enjoys living and traveling with us.