Clifford Balch 1967 MGB Roadster

When I was a boy in the late 1950s my father wanted an MG TD. He searched and found one, made a down payment but it was sold to a higher payer. He got his down payment back but he was discouraged and gave up the search. I, however, was bitten by the MG bug from that point on. Soon after I read "The Red Car" and that sealed the deal. I wanted an MG! It would be a number of years before I could afford one and even then it would be a B and not a TD. It was a 65 roadster and I loved it. It was followed a few years later by a 69 BGT. I loved that one too but it was totaled in a accident and it would be 30 years before the bug surfaced again and I bought my current 67 B roadster on eBay of all places. It turned out to be a bit rougher that I thought it was,needing a suspension rebuild, total rewire, and an engine rebuild. I with the help of my son and son in law, did much of the work myself. It's not a period restoration and includes many upgrades, modifications and hopefully, improvements. It's just about finished now. My wife is very tolerant of my obsession and never asks me just how much I have spent. She does enjoy the occasional cruise, her red scarf trailing in the wind.