Frank McMakin 1979 MGB

My British Sports Car Story!

I have a 1979 MGB. A friend of mine, brought it down to California from Arizona, in hopes to sell it. I drove it around town a few months. I did some little things like electrical and we both did some tune ups on it to get it running fairly well. I drove it up and down PCH and I fell in love with this car. So, I bought it and took on a project. Since then I replaced the carpet, had the seats upholstered and then took it back to Arizona to my friends shop and we replaced the transmission and rebuilt the engine. The engine is still standard. I put up some photos on a personal website for my family to view back east as I did some restorations on the car, like upgraded the headlight with a LED ring around the outside, LED brake lights to help take some of the load off the battery, and added a security system. Some minor things, but I am trying to keep it as original as possible. I replaced the gear shifter with original and found a glove box to cover up the hole in the dash. My family liked the car and was looking forward to seeing it. After I drove it back to Arizona, after the engine was rebuilt, I had some minor oil and water leaks and it over heated on me. I repaired the leaks, and upgraded the electrical with relays and proper fusing.
I now live in Pensacola Florida and I drive my car to the store, to church, social events, and even a 10-hour drive to see family. And of course, up and down the Gulf Coast. I have had it for about 15 months now. It is the only car I own so it is my daily driver. I drive it like any other person would drive there 2019 SUV. I want to replace some rubber seals around the windscreen due to some leaks when it rains. Also, to replace the boot lid from support damage and someday have the car repainted. Right now, I keep the car to myself but you never know, someone could come into my life that loves the MG’s as much as I do. I still spend everyday doing something small to the car like replacing gaskets on the windscreen wipers and adding rubber seals on the door handles. But I will continue to do little things to my car because I love her and she gets me to where I want to go. I had a hardtop on her and have since bought a soft-top from England and had it put on. It’s not the standard black color like you see on other MG’s. I did it in grey, like my seats. I hope you have enjoyed my story and the photos I have provided. I am looking forward to take it to my first ever car show and to share some of my experience with other MG owners. Until then, lets keep them on the road.