Joe Labadessa 1973 MGB

I was hit by the British car bug back in 1978 ate age 13. My neighbor had a Brown 75 Triumph TR6 that i thought was the coolest set of wheels i had laid eyes on. Never saw anything else like it. I gave him a hand one summer day carrying several sheets of drywall into his home and he paid me with a ride in this odd contraption. I was sucked in at that moment. The smell of oil and fuel in the open air droptop, the roaring exhaust and engine were a real shock to my senses. I had chills and it felt like we were going 100 mph. This was not my parents Buick. My first British car was purchased 35 years later when i found a 1975 Triumph Spitfire on eBay. Owned the Spit for a year and sold for something a bit larger. I could never quite get comfortable in the Spit but enjoyed driving it. Purchased the 73 MG B a few months later and have owned it for 5 years now. It's been a very solid car with a few minor items needing replacement. Fuel pump, rebuilt HIF4 carbs, minor oil leaks, etc. Nothing that breaks the bank, which is one of the attractions. I found the MG B on a Craigslist Ad and my wife took a ride with me. We haggled on price for a bit and agreed on fair price. Drove it home that day and my wife loved the car. She sees the occasional parts boxes arrive at the house and finds me laying underneath checking hoses and leaks...and makes sure i am breathing. ;-) We enjoy cool summer night drives to local watering holes and I enjoy my long cigar drives along the winding roads of northwest Illinois. I am on a quest for a Triumph TR6, similar to what my neighbor owned when I was a kid. The TR6 is on my bucket list since that summer ride in 78 and I am trying to find the best one that I can afford. All this talk of self driving, autonomous cars seems ridiculous and boring to me. British cars touch all your senses which is what makes them so appealing. Unless you've experienced it, hard to understand the sensation. I only hope I have made an impact on kids in my neighborhood with a memory of my Spit and B. If money, time and space were no object, I'd have an old barn filled with a dozen or so.