Rebecca Gothier 1975 MGB

This is my 3rd MGB my first was a yellow 68, I had to leave it behind when I moved to Iowa from Illinois in 1978, I found my next MGB in 1987 it was a 1973 oil cooled, I worked on it myself . I sold it in 1995 when I found this one my 1975 MGB it has 40,000 miles on it I drove all the time until 2005 and parked it next to my Garage. My husband has a lot of motorcycles, and thought because I hadn't paid much attention to my little mg that I no longer was interested in it. But that wasn't the case . I had a lot of surgeries and could no longer work on it my self, but in my heart I always wanted to see that little car back on the road. So in 2017 he asked me if I wanted to get rid of it and I said okay, because it was sitting next to the garage for so long , we had It in our car port covered so it never got snowed on or rained on. So he sold it when I was at work when he came out to see me when I got out of the truck to see it gone I saw a little scratch on the cement drive way and said " IT DID'NT want to leave" and I started to cry and I went inside and said nothing else. So since my husband was on vacation at the time he went to the person he sold it to bought it back and towed it the only person in my town who really knew about English cars. At first they didn't want to take it. the daughter had taken over the business called her Dad who had just retired asked him if he wanted a project so they towed it to his home. He has a wonderful garage and a lift and everything out in the country. He had to rebuilt a lot of part, , gas tank was full of crap, carbs were nasty, fuel lines shot, all the brake line , you name it . But the tac and tranny, engine were fine. So he called my Husband Scott and told him how much "He said do It" This man was the right man for my little ca he has a 1956 Jag. After all this I had no idea He had done all this, until he took me to the garage where it was waiting to get towed to this man's personal home to get operated on. When he took me there I took my camera and took pictures not knowing the future of my little car crying because My husband realized how much that car was to me even if it wasn't on the road. We got the car back 8 weeks later. Then my husband said new tires, and also took it to the electrical place for cars and went all thru it . Last year he and I replaced the rag top together and so my baby is back. The seats are starting to look old so next project. I told my husband, Scott that he didn't haft to give my any x-mas or birthday presents for a long, time for me nothing could ever top this.