Stephen Illes 1980 MGB

Well it all started when I decided I wanted a Chevy Nova, so my son and I went to the Carlisle Pa. swap meet in the spring of 2018. We also were looking for some Mustang parts for my sons 1970 Mach1 and as expected we didn't find any he did however buy another Mustang but that's another story. After walking what seem like 100 miles and not finding anything I wanted of more importantly in my price range, we were making one last lap up to the top of a grade that overlooks the grounds, we hadn't been up there yet so we figured why not check out what was up there and head home. As I crested the top there is was, a golden nugget sitting all alone with the sun reflecting it's rays off the Snapdragon Yellow paint. Well at that point I couldn't take my eyes off of it even my son remarked how awesome it looked.
We looked the car over got some background information on it and about then I was over wanting a Nova! The man I bought it from was selling it for his Uncle who owned it since the latter 80's (can't remember when he said he bought it from the original owner). His Uncle could no longer get in the car because of age and needing a walker. After much deliberation he finally decided to sell it and let someone else enjoy the car. After talking to his Nephew for awhile he said he felt good about me wanting to buy the car and made me a very good offer which I cheerfully accepted. 
His Nephew owens a body shop in the Baltimore area and did repaint it for his Uncle 
it was british racing green but it is now Snapdragon Yellow which really make the car pop! He also replaced door panels, carpets, new radio and several other repairs. Needless to say it looks AWESOME !
When I got home that afternoon I told my wife (of 46 years) what I bought and was going back the next day to pick it up. I don't think she believed me until I drove it in the driveway. I didn't even get to go in the house, she came right out and wanted a ride, she loved it !
Since I own it I have made a number of repairs and am continuing to do so some of which are: exhaust header, rear brakes, wheel cylinder, steering rack boot, brake hoses, radiator flush, thermostat, hoses and belts just to name a few. I will also be replacing seat covers and headrest covers this winter along with some other minor repairs. As you probably guessed I bought the car to drive it not let it sit in the garage and that's what I do, every chance I get I take it for a ride and it really turns some heads which I really like. I have had it in a couple of car shows this summer just to see what would happen, no trophies but a lot of votes just the same.
Winter is starting to set in now and I won't be able to drive it much but I will be able to work on it using parts i get from Victoria British so next spring it will really shine 
and turn even more heads. I never thought I would own a british car but I must say I am in all! BTY my son told me if I didn't buy the car that day he was going to buy it himself, imagine that, he would have 4 Mustangs and 1 MGB, I am ecstatic that I bought it.